Funnel Optimizing And The Importance Of The Landing Page SEO

Are you about to create an internet marketing campaign but you’re not sure if you got all the things, right? Are you excited about seeing how the conversion funnel will work? Read this article and learn some of the things you didn’t know before you get on with the more serious things. Let’s learn about the basics first.

What is a funnel?

With the help of the graphic designers and marketing specialists, you create the ad. Then, you place it on social networks and promote it as much as possible. The people see it and click on it. The link placed inside leads to your landing page where the product is being sold. Some of the people getting there are buying it. This is a funnel. For details, learn more here.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a place where the potential buyers are going to spend their money. Everyone like spending their money in a place they feel relaxed, right? That’s why the landing page must be optimized for their needs. Think of it as a retail store, if the store smells bad, no one will love shopping there.

How to make things work?

To make this work you must optimize the website for a greater sale and make sure the marketing campaign is working without any flaws.

First, you have to be sure that the landing page is absolutely perfect. Some of the things that annoy visitors on the internet the most is having to wait too much for the site to load. Over 60% expect it to be fully loaded in no more than 2 seconds – which is pretty much impossible.

However, you have to do everything in your power to make it as fast as possible. Then, you need to optimize it for search engines. If your campaign is going viral on social networks, that’s great, but a lot of the visitors on every internet website come through search engines.

That’s why hiring a person who will make a perfect SEO is also important. SEO is creating all the little things that will convince Google bots that your page needs to be ranked higher. If you make it to the front page, you made it big. This should be your objective.

Finally, you need to make the site look appealing to your customers. As we said, you don’t want to get into a retail store where it smells funny. It’s the same on the internet with that difference that sight is the main sense that needs to be satisfied. See what visitors love on your website here.

Make it simple yet useful. Choose colors that are neutral and will not repel the client. Make them feel comfortable. Offer some other products on the side and make sure it is easy to get around the site. Direct them toward the cart and make sure they don’t leave without buying anything.

A part of the optimizing when it comes to the funnel is to ensure everyone that gets in it and come out on your landing page to have something to do there. That doesn’t mean place every single button that the internet offers but be sure that people will have a variety of choices to choose from before they decide to leave.

When they click the link somewhere on the internet, they did it because they liked something about your company. The product being offered, your company’s logo, the model advertising, something made the connection. Whatever it is, you need to use to the maximum. Add some more products below the main one, offer an upgrade of the existing one, and use all the marketing tricks to make more sales.


Reading what we said above gives you a clear idea of why it’s important to have a perfectly tailored for the needs of the internet robots and people website. It is all connected and it’s your job to make that connection work for your benefit.

Make sure you cover all the bases when it comes to making a great sales funnel. It is proven that works and will bring you a fortune if you do things the way they should be done.