How to Easily Connect WPForms with Stripe Payments

Always struggled about connecting the WordPress forms with Stripe to accept payment easily from your leads or customers?

With the new addon at WPForms, you can now link your Stripe account to WPFroms through just three simple steps.

Let’s see how to get it done.

Before diving in, make sure that you’ve installed WPForms on your WordPress site and activate the Stripe addon.

1. Link your Stripe account to the WordPress site.

Open WPForms settings of your WordPress site.

Select the payment tab and choose your currency.

Scroll down and click on the Connect with Stripe button in blue.

You will be redirected to a different page.

Here you authorize the connection between the Stripe account and the forms.

The content might vary based on the status of your Stripe account.

After this, you will be redirected to your websites admin panel.

Check the box adjacent to connection status.

2. Create your WordPress form.

Once the linking is complete, it’s time for your forms.

Create a new form or you can edit an existing form

A minimum of two fields is necessary for Stripe to function with WordPress form.

The item field and the credit card field.

The remaining fields are based on your interest.

3. Adding Stripe to the forms.

Go to payments and then Stripe.

Activate ‘Enable Stripe payments’.

Enter the short description which is to be displayed on the user’s credit card statement.

Also, enter an email id which can be used to send the payment receipts for the transactions.

You are good if you are looking for one time transactions.

For recurring payments, check the box adjacent to subscriptions.

Additional details and settings will appear.

Fill in the details and everything is set to roll out your payments.

Now you can directly do payments through Stripe form your WPForms.