How To Design a Blog Website

A blog can be an incredible platform to engage users and bring value to their lives by providing exclusive content. Not only that, but having a blog section on your CMS website can help to drive traffic and even turn your interested users into potential customers.

However, there are many who are either not optimizing their blog page or worst, there are many who are implementing the wrong website elements that does not encourage users to stay on their site for a longer period of time. If you do not know how to design a blog well, we recommend either to do your research and design the blog yourself, or to engage a professional web design company offering reliable web development services.

Avoid Pop-ups

There are still some blog websites that are fond of implementing disruptive pop-ups on their blog page. Note that if you would want to get your users to subscribe to your newsletter, the pop-ups should only appear not more than once. In addition, ensure that users are given the option to opt out of the subscription.

Bigger Font Size

Content is a big part of a blog, thus it is crucial that one ensures that the content is easy to read and view. If your font size is too small, that will irritate your users and will not entice them to continue reading.

Use Bullet Points

There are very few users that actually read a blog content word by word. More often than not, users tend to skim through content and only pick up main keywords. Thus, allow users to understand the main gist of your content by providing bullet points or bolded headers after each chunk of content. This gives users the option to look view your content in depth if they wanted to.


Having too many words can be too taxing for the user, thus it is important that you continue to capture their attention by providing high quality photos and pictures. In addition, ensure that your blog is mobile optimized. When it comes to mobile, it is important that your content is shorten. Let your pictures be in the spotlight for your mobile view.

Easy To Share

The next thing that you can do is to make it easy for users to share your content on other platforms. Allow them to market your content and website for free.

Easy To Subscribe

Lastly, always give your users to option to subscribe to your newsletter. Not only does it help to bring traffic to your site, but it helps to engage your users constantly.