Making your website viral in 2019

A viral video is one that has gained popularity through a process of internet sharing and social media sharing. In other words, it is one that has spread rapidly within a short period of time. In the same way, it is also possible to make a website go viral. In today’s modern world, it isn’t the best products that succeed, it is actually those companies that receive the most attention. In specific terms, it would be those companies that are easily found on the internet, or those companies that are often in the minds of the consumers whenever they think of a specific product or service.

In this article, we will suggest the different ways that one can go make their website go viral, and this would be actually taking inspiration from the way videos go viral.


Having a persona to represent your brand adds a personal element that your customers can relate to. A brand persona essentially is a combination of personality, attitudes, and values that will represent your brand to connect to a certain target audience group. The idea of a having a persona is so that you will be able to create a relatable and memorable experience for your customers. It would be helpful to start to think about how your persona would portrait him or herself and how would he or she look like. Ensure that your persona embodies the right values and traits to ensure that the messaging that you would like to convey to your users is consistent.

Surprise Your Audience

If you notice, what makes content shareable is the fact that it can be really ridiculous, innovate and even surprising. Thus, it would be a good strategy to include some surprises through your content or even design elements. If your website’s content can make users go “Wow! Why didn’t I think of that”, that piece of content will stand out and have a higher chance of being shared by your users. It is important that your website isn’t just a platform to facilitate sales or enquiries, but one that provides value or even a smile to their lives.

Capitalize On Trends

Viral content usually is content that is thought out of the box, and it is really trendy. Thus one advice is to have a go at trendy topics and content and incorporating them into your web development Singapore. However one has to be careful to still be consistent in the company’s messaging and brand colours. Being able to incorporate trendy content would allow one to stand a higher chance to go viral.

Be Seen On Search Engines

Lastly, in order for one to go viral, one’s website has to be easily searchable on the various search engines and mainly on Google. Thus, a website has to be optimized and be SEO friendly as well.